November 2014

The Smith Commission

The Society has made its submission to the Smith Commission on further devolved powers for the Scottish Parliament.  The Society hosted a very successful member engagement event with Lord Smith, which showed that the profession were engaged and focussed on practical suggestions for the further devolution of powers.  Areas covered included the need to consider better checks and balances within the legislative system.  Members also raised the issues of devolution of unincorporated associations such as partnerships as well as employment tribunals.  

In the Society’s final submission there is discussion around the further devolution of the regulation of solicitors who provide legal advice, services and activities relating to consumer credit, insolvency practice, financial services and immigration.  These areas are currently considered to be reserved as the substantive law in these areas is reserved.  The Society is proposing that the provision of advice on these matters should be fully devolved. 

The full submission can be found on our website