February 2015

Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee Second Report: a new Magna Carta?

The Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee produced a paper entitled ‘A new Magna Carta?’ which examines the nature of UK constitution and options for change, and disused it for public consultation and comment.  In its response, the Society’s Constitutional Law Committee highlighted how constitutional reform has been at the forefront of parliamentary matters across the UK since 1997, with the creation of the Scottish Parliament, the enactment of the Human Rights Act 1998, the creation of the Supreme Court and a number of referendums particular highlights.  The paper suggests three options as a way forward - the Society states in its response that it would not be in favour of a non-statutory constitutional code and that it sees a written constitution as the preferable option as a more focussed constitutional basis for a modern state.  

The full response can be found on our website