January 2015

Consultation on e-cigarettes and strengthening tobacco control

The Society’s Health and Medical Law Committee responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the regulation of e-cigarettes.  The Society is fully supportive of the general policy aims of the consultation but did question whether there was public support for the proposal of regulation, questioning divergent views on both their safety and efficacy, as well as whether or not enforcement is effective and feasible.  The Committee did state that the minimum age for sale should be restricted to 18 years of age, in line with that of the current legislation for traditional tobacco products, and that any offences should apply to the retailer rather than the young person attempting to buy the product. 

The consultation also covers the issue of smoking in cars where there are children.  The Society is of the view that it should be an offence for an adult to smoke in a car where there is a person under the age of 18, and that the driver, regardless of age, bears the responsibility to ensure no person smokes in the vehicle, where a child is present.

The full response can be found on our website