Committee Updates March 2015

Human Trafficking (Scotland) Bill

Our criminal law committee submitted written evidence on the above bill.  The committee welcomed the policy intent of the bill and in particular the desire to prevent and tackle human trafficking and exploitation in Scotland.  The committee acknowledged the complex and multi-faceted nature of trafficking human beings for exploitation and welcomed the commitment by the Scottish Government to work in partnership with relevant agencies on an international and UK level in order to make Scotland a hostile place for traffickers and to better identify and support potential and confirmed victims.   On the basis that the Scottish Government favours a victim centred approach to human trafficking, the committee also stated the bill should also set out the obligations that public authorities have in providing support and assistance to victims of human trafficking.    The committee also reflected on the fact that the Scottish Government favours a victim-centred approach, and suggests more consideration is needed on the specific support that should be available for victims, beyond the duties on Scottish Ministers already included in the bill.  The Society has been invited to give oral evidence on 24 March. 

The full written evidence is available on our website