Committee Updates May 2015

Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill

We submitted a stage 1 brief to MSPs in April.  On the alcohol licensing provisions, the licensing law committee reiterated its concerns as to the lack of clarity around who can apply for a transfer of a premises licence and when that transfer can take effect, particularly in the common situation where a tenant disappears and leaves the business premises closed for some time.   The committee also raised serious concerns around a licence ceasing to have effect once surrendered by a tenant with the consequence landlords insisting that they now hold the premises licence in their name, without of course being able to exercise appropriate supervision on a day to day basis. This situation could be easily remedied to allow reinstatement of a licence following a surrender.  The committee is also concerned that nothing has been done to reinstate the old site-only provisional grant.  Applicants at present can incur significant cost in submitting detailed plans to licensing boards with no guarantee of a licence being granted.  In relation to air weapons, the committee re-raised the issue that the Bill licenses the applicant but makes no correlation to the air weapons, and there is no requirement to present the certificate when buying ammunition. 

The full briefing is on our website