Committee Updates November 2015

Trade Union Bill

The employment law committee submitted written evidence on the Trade Union Bill to the UK Parliament’s Public Bill Committee.  Noting that the Scottish Government has requested that Scotland be excluded from the bill, the committee suggested that

the Minister be required to consult with the devolved administrations on any proposed regulations, to ensure that full consideration is given to the impact and effect that the Bill’s provisions will have in those separate jurisdictions.   

The committee also set out its concerns on the bill’s compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights and its compatibility with wider human rights obligations, including obligations under the European Social Charter, the International Labour Organisation Standards and the International Covenant on Economic, Cultural, and Social Rights.    The committee suggests that further consideration be given to whether the Bill’s provisions comply with these ratified treaties.  There are also provisions in the bill that have not previously been consulted on, such as the proposed prohibition of payroll deduction of trade union subscriptions.  

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