October 2015

British Sign Language (S) Bill

Our equalities law committee submitted a briefing to all MSPs ahead of the stage 3 debate in the Scottish Parliament.  We are supportive of the policy intent of the Bill and noted that we were pleased to see that the Bill was amended at stage 2 to reflect that any engagement for consultation must include persons who use BSL and who are deaf or deafblind. We agree that it will only be through engagement with the BSL community that meaningful and effective plans can be developed and carried forward. We also welcome the requirement that all relevant documents are to be published in BSL.  We highlighted our support for Ministers to lay progress reports before the Scottish Parliament, which we would hope would ensure that the policy objectives of the Bill are met through close scrutiny and monitoring.  The Bill passed stage 3 on 17 September. 

The full briefing and a BSL Full details and videos are available on our website