September 2015

Committee Updates for September 2015

Land Reform (Scotland) Bill

The Society’s Property and Land Law and Rural Affairs committees submitted written evidence to the Scottish Parliament on the Land Reform Bill.  We are of the view that the Bill lacks sufficient detail or clarity in a number of areas to enable stakeholders to understand the changes and act or prepare accordingly.  Much of the proposed legislations serves only to provide a framework for important changes and leaves the detail of these changes to be made via regulations at a later date.   We also raise concerns that agricultural holdings legislation has been included - there are significant changes within Part 10 of the Bill that ideally would have been dealt with separately to land reform.  We are pleased to see however, that section 68 of the Bill amends s75 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1975 to provide the ability for a local authority to apply to the sheriff or the Court of Session for authority not only to dispose of, but now also to appropriate land forming part of the common good. 

We will be giving oral evidence on Part 10 of the Bill to the Scottish Parliament on 16 September. 

Our full written evidence is available on our website