Encompass is the creator of Know Your Customer (KYC) automation software for the banking, finance, legal and accountancy sectors. With next generation RegTech solutions, Encompass turns AML/CTF compliance into competitive advantage. With Encompass, KYC checks and onboarding processes can be completed up to 10 times faster and with significantly lower costs. One aggregated platform provides a single point of access to the data sources you already trust and use today, including Experian, World-Check, C6i, BvD, Companies House and more.

The platform enables businesses to meet the regulatory requirements of The EU’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive which comes into force in the UK in June 2017. Through the use of web based technology, Encompass provides a complete audit trail and removes the risk of human oversight inherent in manual process. Consistent and robust policy adherence is now possible using the unique power of policy automation to ensure your business is regulator ready.

Encompass Verify is a next generation KYC solution that will help your firm deliver, manage and prove AML/CTF compliance throughout the lifecycle of each of your clients.

Why Verify?
  • Accelerate client onboarding: reduce KYC delays and reduction on billable hours with automations and visuals delivering actionable information within seconds.
  • Ensure consistent AML/CTF compliance: automated KYC policies tailored to your needs deliver robust and omission free checks.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: remain compliant throughout the business relationship with your clients with remediation management at your fingertips.
  • Mitigate risk of reputational damage: an effortlessly generated audit trail ensures you are always regulator ready