Established in 1875, Millar & Bryce has been supporting the legal profession for over 140 years providing title information, conveyancing searches and land reference services across the UK and Ireland.

Employing 100+ experienced and knowledgeable searchers in a variety of disciplines, the company combines time-honoured professionalism with modern-day innovation, supporting decision makers on buying, selling, conveyancing and financing land and property transactions. The company also provide Plans Reports, helping Scottish landowners to meet changes in property law and impending deadlines on essential land registration.

As well as residential and commercial property, Millar & Bryce offers a bespoke Land Referencing service, providing information services to support a variety of major regeneration and infrastructure projects across the country. From local authorities, road and rail schemes and renewables, the company has extensive experience in collating such ancillary, yet crucial documentation, ensuring 100% accuracy at all times.