Nalytics from Nalanda Technology is a unique search and discovery platform. Nalytics enables any individual, business user or organisation to easily and quickly search, locate and analyse all their unstructured data, such as emails, spreadsheets, word documents or PDF files – we work directly with a number of law firms to assist them in managing millions of documents with Nalytics.

As an independent software vendor in the electronic search and discovery space, Nalytics helps law firms explore their data in order to quickly and easily locate the required information at the right time. Nalytics delivers real benefits across all aspects of legal activities including contract analysis, M&A (due diligence), disclosure/litigation, data preservation or research, saving time and money and improving productivity across a law firm.

Nalanda Technology is part of the OLM Group of companies ( which has a 25-year track record of introducing innovative and cutting edge solutions in sectors such as health, social care and local government. 

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