Guide to cybersecurity

Cybercrime and information security present challenges for all organisations. A cyberattack or data breach can cause major disruption, reputational damage and financial costs. Year on year, an increasing number of businesses have been affected by frauds and scams, with several high-profile data breaches. A survey commissioned by the UK Government found that 46% of British businesses experienced a cybersecurity breach or attack last year. In 2016, the value of fraud committed in the UK reached £1.1 billion.

Professional service firms, such as law practices, are at particular risk because they hold large amounts of detailed data. Recent figures show that the most severe breaches can cost small to medium-sized businesses more than £300,000.

Solicitors in all fields of practice are increasingly required to know and understand cybersecurity issues – and they are generally well equipped to do so, not least because they understand the principles of the duty of confidentiality, which can be used to encourage more robust data protection to safeguard clients’ interests. Often, firms are at most risk by not following the basics. These pages outline some of the key threats and risks, and provide basic tips for best practice. The Cybersecurity Guide is also available as a downloadable pdf.

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