Professional support for members

The Member Engagement teams at the Society provide tailored resources and support for individual solicitors  as well as for law firms and solicitors working in-house for many different types of organisation.

There is information available specifically for solicitors facing redundancy.

The Society also supports Lawcare, an independent charity providing practical help and support to legal practitioners experiencing stress and ill health. Lawcare can provide tailored presentations for firms and organisations delivered free of charge. For details please see the programme in the related link. To book up please contact Trish McLellan.

Wellbeing taskforce for Scottish professsionals

Mental Health Week  2017 saw a number of initiatives across the UK to support mental wellbeing and to tackle negative stress.

In 2016, Lawcare promoted the establishment of taskforces in all UK jurisdictions and in the Republic of Ireland to reduce the stigma among legal professionals in Scotland associated with the admission of suffering stress and of seeking assistance for mental wellbeing support.

The first meeting of the Scottish taskforce, Legal Wellbeing Scotland, was chaired by the President of the Society and attended by representatives from all branches of the legal profession from the judiciary, advocates, solicitors from in-house and private practice firms of all sizes, new lawyers, universities,  paralegals and law accountants.

The group aims to compile and share examples of good practice from among participating members and  to identify opportunities for improvements.

The work of the taskforce will be reported here, in the Journal and in social media.

If you have an interest in finding out more please contact Laura Malcolm.

Locum Register / Find a Locum

The Law Society's Locum Register is closing at the end of August 2017 having worked for three years in tandem with Lawscotjobs the recruitment website run by the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland.

From this point on all new enquiries are being directed to Lawscotjobs. All candidates, including potential locums  and firms (recruiters) looking to fill placements can currently register their availability there free of charge.

For further details visit the Locum Register page.


Benevolent funds

Besides LawCare, there are other charitable bodies which can provide additional support including the  Scottish Solicitors' Benevolent Fund, the Tod Foundation, which is jointly administered by SLAS and the Society, and the Pritchard Educational Trust, which is also administered by the Society.

Trustees of the Benevolent fund and the Tod Foundation are in possession of funds designed to be used to alleviate suffering and to assist in practical ways when members encounter difficulties.

LawCare manages a fund which can be used in certain circumstances to pay for counselling support. For further details please contact the helpline, 0800 279 6888.

These organisations all welcome applications for assistance which are always received and considered in the utmost confidence. If you have any queries, please contact Laura Malcolm for further information.

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