Redundancy FAQs

I am looking for information about re-employment. Can you help?

Tips for re-employment

1. Re-evaluate - even in tough economic conditions, it's worth taking time to consider what you want to do. Do you want to continue with you current specialism or is this the time to change your focus to another area of the law or even pursue a career outwith the legal profession?

2. Be positive, proactive and organised - don't wait for the job to come to you. Have a plan and keep developing it.

3. Get your CV up to date - career advisers, recruitment firms and HR departments can all provide advice on CV writing and online application forms. The Society is developing a course on CV writing and interview skills. Details will be available in the e-bulletin in due course.

4. Think 'transferable skills' - we see many CVs from lawyers that concentrate on areas of practice and levels of legal expertise. These are only part of a job. Think about your organisational, administrative, project management, communication, and other generic skills. And make sure you sell these.

5. Stay up to date - you may want to consider simple things such as ensuring you read relevant articles in the Journal and other online law publications, to demonstrate that you are continuing to engage in CPD (more details below). More creative ideas include volunteering with a charity/not-for-profit organisation to keep workplace and even legal skills (perhaps with an advice service) up to date.

6. Network - use your contacts. Get out and about and meet people.

7. Apply, apply, apply - even if it's not exactly what you want to do, it's worth applying. Getting offered a job, even if you don't accept it, is always a good morale boost. At worst, it's good practice.

8. Compromise - it's a buyer's market so be prepared to compromise. You may not get the perfect job in terms of what you want to do, where you want to do it and even how much you get paid but it will provide a better platform if you decide to move again.