Redundancy FAQs

What are the implications of continuing to hold my practising certificate in relation to CPD?

Follow the link for full details of the CPD scheme.

For the avoidance of doubt, where the guidelines refer to weeks, these are working weeks of 35 hours.

CPD applies only to those holding practising certificates but is related to the number of hours worked in the year. A minimum number of CPD hours are usually applied. The hours are required whether in employment or not. However, if you are unable to comply in any year, temporary relief may be obtained in the form of an extension of time by contacting the Registrar's Department at the Society at or on 0131 476 8179.

The Update team will be able to help you with ideas of how to stay up to date at a reasonable cost, including CPD by DVD and online learning. You may also want to stay in touch with your local faculty, which may provide low-cost CPD or free events, often with the Society presenting on current topics.