Redundancy FAQs

What are the implications of continuing to hold my practising certificate in relation to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission?

It is important you consider the implications of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC). If you have a PC on 30 June, then you will be personally liable for payment of the SLCC levy. To avoid being liable for payment for this yourself, you would need to surrender your PC prior to 30 June.

We appreciate this presents an issue. If you are looking for work in the period up to 30 June, you will want to keep your PC as it has been paid for and means you can say that you have a current certificate. However, if you have not surrendered by 30 June, you will hit the legal liability date.

The Levy Working Party looked sympathetically on unemployed cases in the first year following introduction of the levy. As the SLCC has been in operation since October 2008, and in recognition that every exemption from the levy is paid for ultimately by other members, the working party now takes a more restrictive approach to applications from those with a PC on any liability date who later seek exemption.

If you find employment, the new firm is likely to pay for the new PC and SLCC levy you will need to practise.

The Society would encourage you to set a diary reminder for this key date, and consider your situation nearer the time, but leaving the opportunity to take action if you need to.