Redundancy FAQs

What else is the Society doing about the downturn?

  1. See our Support in the downturn pages for helpful information for individuals and firms.
  2. We're communicating regularly with local faculty deans, to make sure we have an understanding of the varying impact in different regions.
  3. The Society is monitoring redundancies on a day-by-day basis, looking at solicitors, paralegals and support staff (recording incoming data and surveying firm's intentions over the next six months).
  4. We have been in talks with both the Scottish and UK Governments about the impact of the downturn on law firms and what can be done to address this.
  5. We have been working to open up other job opportunities and have, for example, been successful in working with two public sector agencies to take on additional trainees who have lost their training contracts because of the downturn.
  6. High street conferences and a Business Toolkit have supported firms in addressing the downturn. More events are planned and it is worth making sure the Society has an up-to-date personal email address so that you receive our monthly e-bulletin. This can be done by emailing our records team or by calling 0131 226 7411.