We are looking to extend our voluntary Accredited Paralegal scheme to enable those who carry out immigration and asylum work to gain the accreditation. This will add to the 13 areas of practice that paralegals can become accredited in already. We are now asking the views of those who are involved in immigration and asylum work to get their thoughts on this proposal.

We have already consulted with the Law Society’s Immigration and Asylum Sub-committee, who are satisfied that there is sufficient identifiable immigration paralegal work and that there are a number of people working in this field. 

If you work in this area of law, then we would like to hear from you. Generally, we want to know - do you think it is a good idea and do you have colleagues who might be interested. Please email us at accreditedparalegals@lawscot.org.uk

If there are any other areas of law that you think would be suitable for accreditation, pleas get in touch by emailing us at accreditedparalegals@lawscot.org.uk.