Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, we have made a number amendments to the accreditation

CPD requirements

The minimum CPD requirements for Accredited Paralegals will resume from 1 February 2021. They had been suspended for the 2020/2021 practice year due to Coronavirus. 

Trainee Accredited paralegals

The requirement to work from home for an extended period should not impact the ability of a trainee accredited paralegal to reach full accreditation.
However, we recognise that currently that may not be possible, either because of challenging remote working arrangements or because of furlough leave. Therefore, traineeships can be suspended until more normalised working arrangements resume.

Suspending the traineeships

If you wish to suspend your accreditation traineeship, please agree this with your supervising solicitor and let us know at accreditedparalegals@lawscot.org.uk. We would recommend that you endeavour to keep yourselves informed of latest developments and keep your skill levels up where possible.

Continuing the traineeship

If you can continue with your traineeship we would encourage you to do so. It will be up to you and your supervising solicitor to decide how best to proceed with the traineeship and what arrangements will work for you, but this might include:

  • routine calls
  • regular email check-in throughout the day
  • virtual review of work - quarterly performance reviews can be done either over the phone or via video-conferencing. These can then be uploaded as normal to the Society’s portal.


If you have any queries, please contact us at accreditedparalegals@lawscot.org.uk