Registered Foreign Lawyers

Registered Foreign Lawyers refers to foreign lawyers registered in Scotland for the express purpose of joining a multi-national practice as a manager (or a member if it is an incorporated practice).

Solicitors from other jurisdictions who wish to requalify into Scotland should read the sections on intra-uk test or how to become a Registered European Lawyer.

Every multinational practice must have at least one lawyer from an alternative jurisdiction approved by the Society. These individuals are known as Registered Foreign Lawyers (RFLs).

Membership fees are £150 which are renewed annually. The renewal process can be done online. The deadline is 31 October each year.

New RFLs and those who have been without RFL status for more than 12 months must provide a certificate of good standing from their home jurisdiction when they register with us.  Existing RFLs are not required to produce a certificate of good standing.

There's more information on RFLs in our Rules and Guidance section.


Registered European Lawyer

A Registered European Lawyer is a lawyer belonging to one of the Member States legal professions listed in the European Establishment Directive who may practice under their home jurisdiction in Scotland.

The Directive sets out various conditions which have to be met for such registration including three years practice under a lawyer’s home title in Scotland. Please note that the process takes three years and with the uncertainty around Brexit, we recommend that you speak to our Registrar team first.


Membership cost of £550 which is renewed annually at 1 November.


A European lawyer who wishes to pursue professional activities under his home professional title on a permanent basis in Scotland and who wishes to apply pursuant to regulation 16 of the European Lawyer Regulations must be entered on the register established and maintained by the Society pursuant to regulation 15 of the European Lawyer Regulations and section 12A of the 1980 Act. See Rule D6.