Mediation and Approved Solicitor Arbitrators


The public's appetite for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is greater than ever. The expense, investment of time involved in court proceedings and the courts' greater enthusiasm for exploring the possibilities of ADR ensure the continued growth in this sector.

Those opting for mediation as a means of dispute resolution require assurance as to the quality of the service being provided. The Society operates two recognised mediation schemes: Family Law Mediation, with around 50 accredited family mediators, and Commercial Law Mediation, with around five accredited mediators. The period of accreditation for both specialisms has been standardised at three years.

Approved Solicitor Arbitrators

Approved Solicitor Arbitrators are authorised under statute (2010 Act) and require additional steps in the accreditation:

Applicants must hold a current specialist accreditation in arbitration law.

They must demonstrate very specific experience in relation to arbitration awards by providing:

  • Details of two anonymised Arbitration Awards you have delivered in the five years preceding the date of this application. AND/OR
  • Evidence of relevant decision making in Judicial or quasi-judicial roles, eg Temp Sheriff or Tribunal Chair.  AND/OR
  • Provide evidence of formal training such as Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators or membership of the panel of arbitrators of the Family Law Arbitration Group or equivalent.

Standard charges for all specialist accreditations are £200 for first accreditation and £150 for renewal accreditation.

Any queries regarding the operation or applications to the scheme should be directed to Patricia Wilson on  0131 476 8138 or by email: or to Elaine MacGlone on 0131 226 8887, email