Registered foreign lawyer renewal

Every multinational practice must have at least one lawyer from an alternative jurisdiction approved by the Society. These individuals are known as Registered Foreign Lawyers (RFLs).

RFLs renew their registration with us once a year and paperwork for renewal for next year will be sent out to firms in January 2016.

In the past, RFLs have been required to provide us with a certificate of good standing from the SRA when they renew their registration. However, this is no longer a requirement. (New RFLs and those who have been without RFL status for more than 12 months will still need to provide a certificate of good standing).

From 2017 onwards, the renewal process will move to October (at the same time as practising certificate renewal for Scottish solicitors) and become part of our quick and easy online renewal system.

To facilitate these changes, when renewing for 2016, RFLs will be asked to register and pay for the period up until October 2017.

There's more information on RFLs in our Rules and Guidance section.