Find a registered paralegal

What is a Law Society of Scotland Registered Paralegal?

The Registered Paralegal Scheme is a voluntary Scheme set up by The LSS (Law Society of Scotland) and their partners the SPA (Scottish Paralegal Association).

A Registered Paralegal works in support of a practising Scottish Solicitor in delivering legal advice to clients.

Requirements to join the Scheme via the "full route" require a person to hold a relevant and formally assessed qualification to their area of practice, then train for a year as a trainee registered paralegal, after which they will qualify as a registered paralegal.  All trainee and registered paralegals must work in support of a Supervising Solicitor.

The Registered Paralegal Standing Committee is a Committee of the Council and has full delegated authority from the Council.  The Committee take decisions in response to applications for entry to the scheme, in respect of entry standards and the character and suitability requirements.

Only those Registered Paralegals with a valid certificate are searchable within the Find a Registered Paralegal tool.