Paralegal latest news

Membership Renewal 2017

Renewal paperwork will be sent out towards the end of January in relation to the Registered Paralegal membership 2017.

CPD 2015/16

Membership and CPD for 2015 ends with effect from 31 January 2015. In order to allow Registered Paralegals to upload recent CPD, there is an extension until 15 February 2016 at which time this will be switched off and no CPD for 2015 can be added. It can however be viewed.

Employment Law - New Legal Domain

The Law Society of Scotland has introduced a new Employment Law domain as part of its Registered Paralegal Scheme. There are now 12 specialist legal domains which are part of the scheme.

The Registered Paralegal Scheme seeks to define and credit the role of the paralegal in Scotland  -  for paralegals, for solicitors, and crucially for the public, who need to have faith in the knowledge and skills of the people dealing with their legal transactions.

Anyone wishing to apply to the Registered Paralegal Scheme under the waiver process or as a trainee registered paralegal for the employment law domain can do so by completing an application

New and improved Paralegal login portal!

The Law Society of Scotland is pleased to announce that a new and improved online member portal for Registered Paralegal's has been launched.

You can view your details, upload CPD and trainee quarterly reviews here

Every Trainee/Registered Paralegal was sent their username via email. If you did not receive this email, please contact

Uploading CPD to your online account

If you are experiencing problems uploading your CPD please contact We are currently in the process of migrating all Registered Paralegals from our current system to a new one, which should resolve the problems some individuals are at present experiencing. We thank you for your co-operation.

Renewal 2015/16

Invoices will be sent out week beginning 19th January 2015 in relation to the Registered Paralegal membership year beginning 1 February 2015.

Membership renewal

In order to make renewal payments easier, we are planning to change the way you can make your payment to the Registered Paralegal Scheme. Firstly, renewal for all members will now happen in February each year rather than the month of joining. This means that if there are several registered paralegals in the one firm then subscriptions can be covered by one payment. Secondly, from 2014 payment can be made by cheque, BACS or credit card.


  • the new annual payment schedule will commence February 2014
  • all payments from October 2013 will be deferred until February 2014
  • pro rata refunds will be calculated in February 2014 for members who have renewed and paid before October 2013
  • Worldpay will be discontinued
  • if you are due to pay in August/September, please pay as usual and then cancel your Worldpay agreement
  • if you are due to pay from October onwards, please cancel your Worldpay agreement now

If you have any problems cancelling your Worldpay agreement, please contact

  • new applicants will only be required to pay a pro rata fee from date of entry until the following January and then a full annual payment from the following February

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Darren Kerr at

Annual membership renewal payments

There have been some lapsed payments due to the following circumstances:

The members credit/debit card has expired - If a member has not checked their personal email address, they will be unaware of the three automated annual membership renewal reminders that have been sent out before their annual renewal date, they will also be unaware of any card payment failure messages that have been generated.

The members firm arranged payment from a business credit/debit card that has expired - The Society strongly recommends that individual members arrange payment from a personal credit/debit card and recovers the money from their firm if the firm wishes to cover the cost of membership. Again three automated annual membership renewal reminders will have been sent to either the member's personal email address or firm's cardholder email address.

If you have any questions regarding your membership renewal payment, please email

Registered Paralegal Scheme - full route

We strongly encourage paralegals who believe they meet the standard of the registered paralegal and the criteria for stage 2 to apply to the Society as soon as possible. Further, we strongly encourage paralegals who work in legal domains that have not yet been created within the scheme - but believe they meet the criteria of stage 2 - to contact the Society noting interest in their legal domain (eg commercial conveyancing, employment law etc).

In order to qualify for the full route, applicants must hold a formally recognised and assessed qualification relevant to the work they will be doing as a trainee registered paralegal.

The paralegal must then:

  • spend 12 months, or the equivalent of 12 months, as a trainee registered paralegal, working under a supervising solicitor, in delivering legal advice to clients
  • demonstrate to the supervising solicitor during the 12-month (or equivalent to 12-month) training period that they are applying the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values contained in the general competencies and additional competencies for the legal domain in which they work, and that they understand and are abiding by the standards
  • at the end of the 12-month period, be declared as competent by the supervising solicitor according to the general competencies and additional competencies in the legal domain in which they work, and the standards

For more information, please see the Scheme of Operation or email