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“Entirely unremarkable”? - Guest blog by Adrian Ward

Ahead of our annual conference on Tuesday 19 September, Adrian Ward, consultant at TC Young and honorary lifetime member of the Law Society of Scotland, reflects on a career in which just conscientiously “fulfilling the basic role of the solicitor” has helped make the law serve society better, nationally and internationally.

A student’s perspective on ‘the greater good’

Dan McManus, student associate of the Law Society of Scotland, reviews his experience of our annual conference, Leading Legal Excellence: For the Greater Good.

Adrian Ward honoured and vote for PC freeze at AGM

The solicitor credited with pioneering much of Scotland’s modern law on incapacity and mental disabilities has been awarded honorary life membership of the Law Society of Scotland.

Charity Law Sub-Committee

Our expert group on charity law.

Civil Justice Committee

Promotes the interests of solicitors by examining and questioning the current methods used to resolve all civil disputes.

Civil Legal Aid Quality Assurance Sub-Committee

Instructs, receives and considers all reviews under the Quality Assurance Scheme.

Clear targets needed to ensure child poverty ambitions stay on track

Setting clear targets and establishing a National Poverty and Inequality Commission would help to meet aims of eradicating child poverty says the Law Society of Scotland.

CLS Risk Solutions

Specialist provider of Executry Bonds of Caution and Bonds of Caution for Adults with Incapacity.

Competition Law Sub-Committee

Our expert group on competition law.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights Sub-Committee

Our expert group on constitutional law and human rights.

Consumer Law Sub-Committee

Our expert group on consumer law.