As part of our commitment to engagement with our members in England and Wales we have put together a list of answers to member’s frequently asked questions.

Please contact the Registrar's team at the Law Society with your new details or indeed any changes to your professional circumstances.


We are putting together a bespoke membership package for members outside Scotland. You will still receive your current membership benefits which you will find listed here.

There is also a Professional Practice team, with lawyers that that can assist you in complete confidence with enquiries on legal practice (for Scotland).



If they have not taken the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme  (QLTS), the majority of our members in England and Wales sign off their work with the title “Solicitor, Scottish Qualified”.

The QLTS allows those who already qualified as lawyers in other jurisdictions to qualify as a solicitor of England and Wales without having to complete the full education and training requirements. For further information on this please contact the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA) or find further information on their website.


The Smartcard is a new photographic ID for solicitors holding a Scottish practicing certificate. Importantly, it is also an electronic ID with a secure digital signature. In the future, the Smartcard will replace the existing practising certificate issued by the Law Society of Scotland.

We have a whole section of the website dedicated to Smartcard and FAQs which you can find here.

We are rolling out the Smartcard in different locations in England and Wales, so please email to find out when we could issue yours.

Please don't forget to submit your application form and photographs in good time.


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Chantel Gaber is the Head of Member Engagement for England and Wales. She is the Law Society’s member of staff based in London. Chantel should be your first point of contact for any questions relating to the Society. Please email

Naomi Pryde is a Scottish Solicitor based in London. She is the Council Member for the constituency of England and Wales. You can contact Naomi at

No. The SSLL are a social group most famous for their Burns Supper celebration. We work to support each other with the solicitor network outside Scotland at events. You can find details of the society on their LinkedIn page.

Naomi Pryde, the Law Society's Council member for England and Wales is also on the committee of the SSLL and may be able to assist with any questions you have regarding the SSLL.

We have detailed information elsewhere on the website about acting as a notary public in Scotland.

The situation in England and Wales is different. The Legal Services Act 2007 defines who can practice as a notary in England and Wales and Scottish notaries are presently prohibited from acting in England and Wales. The Society is examining other options to come to a resolution and will report when there are further developments.

If you are not a Scottish notary and would like to become one, as Council member for England and Wales Naomi Pryde can witness your oath and swear you in to enable you to become a Scottish notary public.


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Full details of all our upcoming CPD events can be found here.

Our live and on demand webinars cover a wide variety of topics can be viewed anywhere with a working internet connection.

The best place for information is here on our website, but if you need further information on practising in England and Wales, please contact Chantel Gaber at

Other Society contact details can be found here.