We have created two logos which can be used to improve the appearance of your secure digital signature on a document. You can choose between a version featuring the Law Society of Scotland logo, or a generic version to which you can attach your own firm’s logo.

Law Society branded logo

Law Society branded secure digital signature logo

Download the logo

Generic logo

Generic secure digital signature logo

Download the logo

Permission statement for use of digital signature logos

The following points outline your responsibilities when using the Law Society of Scotland digital signature logos.

  • Only solicitors with a practising certificate/Smartcard issued by the Law Society of Scotland are eligible to use the Law Society of Scotland digital signature logo (the logo).
  • The logo shall only be used for the purpose of displaying the digital signature.
  • The user shall use the logo in the form stipulated from time to time by the Society and shall observe strictly any directions given by the Society as to the colours and size of representations of the logo and their manner and disposition. 
  • The user shall make use of the logo only for the purpose and, in particular, shall not use the logo in any way which would tend to allow it to become generic, lose its distinctiveness, become liable to mislead the public, or be materially detrimental to or inconsistent with the goodwill, reputation and image of the Society.
  • The user shall ensure that the products and services supplied by it under the logo conform to and comply in all respects with all applicable laws and regulations of governmental or other competent authorities in the Territory from time to time, and any established industry standards in the European Union
  • The user shall not, claim any right, title or interest in or to the logo except the rights of use as a digital signature.
Things to avoid when using the Smartcard digital signature logos

1. Stretching or squashing the logos beyond their existing proportions

2. Tilting the logos

3. Obscuring the logos with text, other images or graphics