What to do if you are not able to complete the onine AML registration process

If you are having trouble completing the online application and are concerned that you will miss the deadline, you may email us as a temporary measure by 26 June 2018. You will still need to upload the details together with all the necessary disclosure documents to the online AML system, but your email can be used as proof of compliance.

The email should contain the names of the beneficial owners, officers and managers at your practice, together with the following details -

  1. Full name (First/Middle/Last)
  2. Organisation and office address
  3. The individual's standing as either a Beneficial owner, Officer or Manager
  4. Confirmation that, to the best of your knowledge, the individual has committed no offence in terms of Schedule 3 of the 2017 Anti-money Laundering Regulations

You must give an undertaking in the email that you will complete the registration online within 30 days (from 26 June).

Email us at amlregistrations@lawscot.org.uk