Cyber security

Cyber Security is a real concern for Scottish Solicitors and their clients. As trusted advisers solicitors not only need to protect the sensitive and personal data they handle everyday, but play a crucial role in promoting cyber security to their client.  Free Cyber security training has been made available by the UK Government.

The requirements for basic technical protection from cyber attacks are set out in the UK Governments Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Scottish Solicitors and many other businesses have been targeted by fraudsters attempting to dupe firm personnel  into revealing client and firm account details so that funds can be stolen. We have published a Guide to Cybersecurity which sets out steps solicitors can take to reduce the risks of cyber attacks on them as individuals and on their firms.

Fraud alerts were issued to the profession on this subject and these can be accessed here. 

Solicitors may also consider becoming members of the Cyber Security information Sharing Partnership (CISP) which is a joint industry  and  government initiative  to share cyber threat and vulnerability information see link below . Benefits of the membership include:

  • Early warning of Cyber Threats
  • Ability to learn from specialism
  • Improved ability to protect business networks