Identity theft targeting Scottish solicitors and how to report it

Unfortunately there are occasions where scammers use solicitors’ personal details to perform identity theft.

This can sometimes involve criminals using solicitors’ names and even photographs to create websites for non-existent law firms. They do this in the hope of conning members of the public or other solicitors into thinking they are in fact dealing with a genuine firm.

If you notice any suspicious websites claiming to be linked to a Scottish law firm, you should report it immediately.

There are also occasions where individuals will create fake professional profiles on networking sites such as LinkedIn using the details of a Scottish solicitor. Again, such instances should be reported immediately.

Most social networks provide a reporting mechanism. Here are links to pages enabling you to report impersonation accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

If the social networks themselves do not respond or act upon your report, members can contact us and we will attempt to resolve the matter.

Members can also refer to guidance we issue to the public on spotting scam solicitors.