Change in Specialism by Means of a Conversion Course

The Society is keen to make the professional support it offers to members, through the challenges of the recession, as relevant as possible.

For those seeking re-employment or making career choices, encouragement has been given to consider continuing with a current specialism or changing focus to another area of the law.

The Professional Practice Committee has noted that various training providers, in responding to the current practice and employment market, are advertising courses to appeal to those wishing to change specialism. The Committee has concerns about the promotion of a change in specialism by means of a short conversion course, particularly in the context of issues arising out of diversification that are beginning to filter through to the Complaints and Guarantee Fund Committees.

Whilst the Professional Practice Committee wants to encourage members, who are considering how best they can diversify, it wishes to remind all solicitors that you must only act in those matters where they are competent to do so and must exercise the level of skill appropriate to the matter; all as provided in rule B1.10.