The law and the legal profession are of significant interest to the media and their readers, listeners and viewers. Solicitors can work effectively with journalists in responding to their inquiries, as well as act as legal commentators and assist in conveying accurate information to the public.

When presenting information to the media in relation to your clients' affairs you are acting in a professional capacity. You should conduct yourself in your public appearances and public statements in the same manner as you would with your fellow practitioners and with the courts.

In making a public statement concerning a client's affairs, you must (1) have your client's authority to do so; (2) be satisfied that any communication is in the client's best interests; (3) ensure it is based upon an accurate appreciation of the facts and is not misleading; and (4) in relation to a case which has been decided in court, make clear that the views expressed are those of the client and not your views. You should not permit your personal interests or those of other causes to conflict with the client's interests.