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About Smartcard

What is the Smartcard?

A photographic ID for practising solicitors - allowing access to courts and prisons and helping reassure the public they are consulting a trusted adviser.

An electronic ID - allowing real-time confirmation of credentials, which will evolve across a range of new and planned services throughout the justice system.

A secure digital signature - allowing practising solicitors to sign documents and contracts entirely electronically, and to receive signatures from others knowing they come from a trusted professional system.

A 21st century register - to ensure that as a professional body, we are seen to hold robust and reliable confirmation of member credentials and offer our members registration services.

The Smartcard also provides evidence of your entitlement to practice.


What does it look like?

In The Public Infographic

  1. CCBE logo – Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe.  The Law Society of Scotland is a Member of the Council and therefore Scottish Solicitors have access to European courts and prisons.
  2. The Law Society of Scotland, Governing Body of Scottish Solicitors.
  3. Your role in the Scottish legal profession.
  4. The Registration Authority for issuing Smartcards.
  5. Your Scottish Solicitor ID number which can be checked here.
  6. Card valid until date.
  7. The name you practise under.


Please also see our 'What is a Digital Signature and How does it work? - A Word from the Profession'


How do I get a Smartcard?

Please refer to How to obtain a Smartcard which explains the process in detail.


Why do I need one?

The Smartcard is a versatile tool for the legal profession in Scotland. For examples on how to use it, please see Using your Smartcard.



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More information about the registration and certification authority can be found in the Smartcard FAQs.

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