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"March on Murrayfield!"

It's never too late to send a message to Holyrood that external ownership is incompatible with independence

Edinburgh Qs and As

Points from the floor at the Edinburgh ABS roadshow

Decision time approaches

Journal Online's referendum page will be forum for all sides

Thirteen firms call for support of reform

Open letter claims solicitors must have options to ensure level playing field

No stopping the tide

Argument that change is coming, like it or not, and the profession has to get smart in how it faces up to it

Don't forget the consultation

If the Society is to be an ABS regulator, it needs members' views on what it should attempt to do

Voting for change

A vote for legal services reform is a vote to help keep the profession in charge of its destiny

Independence in context

Some questions to consider in relation to section 92 of the Legal Services (Scotland) Bill

Time to keep feet on the ground

Debate on professional independence has to be based on actuality

Justice wanting

Is there a role for a JUSTICE-type organisation in Scotland?

Fighting their corner

Is the Faculty of Advocates missing the point in its response to the Thomson review?

A time to listen

Complaints Commission projections have been well wide of the mark so far