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Attend remotely: Sole practitioner and high street conference

Date: 5th October 2019

Time: 09:30 - 16:05

Remote access

CPD Hours: 5hours

This conference will bring together sole practitioners and high street solicitors from across Scotland. Choose to attend remotely for the latest tools and peer guidance to review and strengthen your strategy.

5 hours verifiable CPD

This page is to register to attend the conference from a remote location.

Our conference will bring together sole practitioners and high street solicitors from across Scotland to focus on the qualities that unite them. Choose to join us on Saturday 5 October in Edinburgh or attend online, individually or as part of a faculty. The ‘what unites us’ theme will address: excellence in service, proactive practice management and improving profitability.

Throughout the day, our briefing sessions will deliver actionable insights on how to assess and celebrate your value as a small practice. The aim is to further enable you to provide your clients with well-informed advice and practical support.

Peer-learning and debate, including our online attendees, will provide a pool of information throughout the day on the matters that are vital to your practice role, to others in similar firms, and the communities you serve.


Remote access testimonial - Society of Advocates in Aberdeen

The Society of Advocates in Aberdeen"At the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen we have used the remote access facility for our members to 'attend' several of the seminars held in the LSS offices in Edinburgh. Once you download the app it is very easy to use and it is a great way of gaining CPD hours without the hassle and cost of travelling. We can see the slides and hear the presentation, and there is also a chat function if you want to type a comment or question. All very user friendly and easy! Highly recommended remote access, our members love being able to just pop to their local venue to benefit from the training as well as the great networking which takes place before and after."


Want to attend the conference in person?

Join us in person and network with colleagues in Edinburgh on Saturday 5 October. For more information and to register please visit this page.

At this conference you will:

  • Find out the developments in the regulatory environment that will affect your firm
  • Take time to consider how you would set up your firm in a different way or tweak structures to make efficiency a priority
  • As we assess profitability, forecasting and assessment skills in smaller firms, gain the expertise of accountants and financial assessors to test how much you know about your own financials
  • Focus on the value of you and the mechanics of your wellbeing
  • Hear tips and tools to improve client experience and interaction with your practice
  • Gain the benefit of Law Society guidance from our AML and Professional Practice team
  • Philip A. Hannay, Managing Director, Cloch Solicitors
  • Amanda Millar, Vice President, Law Society of Scotland
  • Martha Clark, Partner, McSherry Halliday
  • Chetna Bhatt, CEO & Co-founder, Being Lawyers
  • Morna Grandison, Director of Interventions, Law Society of Scotland
  • Lucy Durie, Senior Solicitor, Law Society of Scotland
  • Alex White, AML Auditor, Law Society of Scotland
  • Chris Davidson, Director, Moore Legal Technology
  • Katie Wood, Head of Admissions, Law Society of Scotland
  • Calum Stewart, Gerber Landa & Gee, Chartered Accountants
  • Darren Smith, Gerber Landa & Gee, Chartered Accountants
  • Paul McCluskey, Gemstone Legal
  • 09:30 - 10:00

    Remote locations to log in and join conference
  • Speaker
    Philip A. Hannay

    Philip Hannay is Managing Director of Cloch Solicitors Limited, an award-winning Scottish legal boutique specialising in business law & intellectual property, and is well-known for assisting engineers and creative entrepreneurs in generating money from ideas and artistic practice. The firm added the Scots Law library of Lord Rodger to its burgeoning collection of artefacts in 2013, and is proud to continue the legacy of supporting legal education and international relations. Philip is also Honorary Secretary of Friends of Glasgow School of Art; tutor and guest lecturer at the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Strathclyde; Governor of the Baillie's Institution; and recent Council Member of The Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow.

  • Speaker
    Amanda Millar

    Amanda is the Vice President of the Law Society of Scotland.

    Amanda has wide civil litigation experience and was the first Solicitor in Scotland Accredited in the fields of both Mental Health Law and Incapacity and Mental Disability Law and she remains the only Solicitor so accredited outwith Glasgow and Edinburgh. She specialises in the representation of the vulnerable and their loved ones in Incapacity and Mental Health matters. She speaks regularly at Conferences and Seminars to peers and Support Groups on these issues. Amanda is also a member of the expert advisory group of the Centre for Mental Health and Incapacity Law Rights and Policy at Edinburgh Napier University. She is the first non-executive Chair of Changing the Chemistry(SCIO).

  • 10:25 - 10:50

    Investing in the future: Building your team

    • Investing in people
    • Succession and trust – retention
    • Trainees and new lawyers

    Martha Clark

    Martha is the Partner responsible for the Kilmarnock branch covering all property matters including house sales and purchases, commercial property transactions, re-mortgages, security work, and also Wills, Powers of Attorney, and executries. She works closely with our Estate Agency for clients who combine their marketing and conveyancing with McSherry Halliday. In addition, Martha is the firm's Money Laundering Partner. Outwith the office, Martha is the Continuing Professional Development Convener for the local Faculty of Solicitors, responsible for providing local Solicitors with training seminars to ensure they are updated with the latest developments in law. She is also a member of Kilmarnock Business Association.

    Katie Wood

    Katie is the Law Society’s Head of Admissions, working in the Education, Training and Qualifications team. Katie is responsible for the regulatory requirements surrounding traineeships primarily ensuring that all of those who become solicitors are fit and proper to do so. Recently she has been working on the new Admission Regulations which will mean that trainees can apply for Admission after three months of training. She operates a helpline for both trainees and their employers and is Secretary to the Admissions Sub Committee.

    10:50 - 11:30

    Uncovering natural and sustainable wellbeing for sole practitioners and high street firms

    Chetna's talk will provide participants with an introduction into a new wellbeing solution in law and include:

    • A transformative education on how stress and wellbeing works for everyone
    • Leveraging the wellbeing and potential of the workforce with an understanding of how the mind works
    • Accessing a clear mind so that participants can gain fresh insights to make sustainable changes within their firms

    The work of Being Lawyers is designed to create a fundamental, grassroots shift in the way firms operate, so that the issues relating to mental and emotional wellbeing can be addressed at their source.

    Chetna Bhatt

    Chetna is a certified executive coach, part time in-house employment lawyer and speaker. As Co-founder and CEO of Being Lawyers, Chetna has collaborated with The Law Society of England and Wales to hold wellbeing conferences and has spoken at events including the Junior Lawyers Division annual conference, Women Economic Forum and Health and Wellbeing at Work.

    Chetna is passionate about human potential and has been working with organisations and professionals since 2013 to access elevated levels of wellbeing, performance and leadership. She trains and coaches lawyers on a new understanding of the mind to help them increase their mental clarity so that they can fulfill their potential without compromising their wellbeing.

  • 11:30 - 11:50

    Conference break
  • 11:50 - 12:15


    • How to maximise growth & add value to your firm
    • Getting your costs right
    • Systems & Accounting transactions – help to make the most of your firm

    Darren Smith

    After graduating in 1996, Darren trained as a Chartered Accountant within a medium sized practice and joined Gerber Landa & Gee as Portfolio Manager in 2003. He was appointed a Director in April 2018 as a result of a management buyout. Darren manages a wide portfolio of clients covering sole traders, partnerships and limited companies in various sectors, including professional services, property and media, and has significant experience in the legal, financial services and health sectors.

    In addition to accounting and audit services, Darren has particular knowledge of company formations, company sales, restructuring and business consultancy, including the provision of advisory services at company board meetings.
    Darren is a Registered Auditor and is the Audit Compliance Principal for the firm.

    Calum Stewart

    Calum joined Gerber Landa & Gee in 2009 following completion of a law degree at Glasgow University. He is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser who has worked with a number of solicitors firms providing advice on accounts, accounts certificates and Partnership disputes. He also works supporting solicitors with advice in relation to inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax for Executries. He has experience across a number of other areas as a general practitioner including audit, charity accounts and outsourced finance services. Calum became a Director of Gerber Landa & Gee following a management buy out in April 2018.

    12:15 - 12:40

    Making your cashroom a fee earner

    • Can you turn your cashroom into a fee earner?

    Paul McCluskey

    Paul McCluskey is Managing Director of Gemstone Legal which helps law firms to maximise income whilst reducing risk.  Former UK Head of Professional Practices at Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank, Paul has worked with law firms of various size and complexity across the UK and Northern Ireland.  Having seen banks shift away from dedicated legal sector relationship management models Paul decided to set up Gemstone Legal to offer firms an independent approach to finance and risk management.  Paul speaks and writes regularly on financial factors impacting the UK legal sector.

    12:40 - 13:05

    Consolidation Q&A panel and discussion session
    ‘The good, bad and the ugly’: Financial Assessment

    • What is a firm worth? 
    • Do you know your own financials, and could you assess another firm?
    • Learn the questions to ask when getting ready for sale or merging
    • Do you know where risk could lie?
    • Learn the perspectives and risk appetites of others across country

    Morna Grandison

    Morna Grandison BSC Tep’s primary role at the Law Society of Scotland is to take on Judicial Factory appointments made by the Court of Session. Working in the area of complex fraud investigation Morna represents the Society on a number of forums, identifying fraud trends and threats and problem solving ways to combat issues arising from the latest threat landscape.

    Darren Smith, Gerber Landa & Gee, Chartered Accountants
    Calum Stewart, Gerber Landa & Gee, Chartered Accountants
  • 13:05 - 13:40

    Conference break
  • 13:40 - 14:05

    Cyber resilience for smaller firms

    •  Where to start for risk assessment
    • When, not if, a breach occurs, and what now?
    • Active steps to protection: tools available to assist

    Morna Grandison

    Morna Grandison BSC Tep’s primary role at the Law Society of Scotland is to take on Judicial Factory appointments made by the Court of Session. Working in the area of complex fraud investigation Morna represents the Society on a number of forums, identifying fraud trends and threats and problem solving ways to combat issues arising from the latest threat landscape.

    14:05 - 14:30

    Improving client experience: Proactive and long-term effortless wins

    Chris Davidson

    Chris joined Moore Legal Technology as Director in 2013 following specialist in-house law firm marketing and business development roles.

    Chris’s primary focus is to build awareness of Moore Legal Technology’s unique capabilities among prospective clients and develop long term relationships with current clients by continuing to add value to their businesses.

    14:30 - 15:05

    AML update

    • When dealing with a company, what due diligence is required?
    • Knowing your client
    • Time efficient compliance to meet your obligations under Money Laundering Regulations
    • Q&A

    Alex White

    Alex White is an AML Auditor at the Law Society of Scotland and specialises in trust and company service provision (TCSP) work. Prior to this role, he worked for nine years as compliance officer, money laundering reporting officer and executive director for a trust and corporate service provider based in the Channel Islands. Alex assumed his role in July 2018 and, amongst his other duties, has devised and implemented a Thematic Review focusing on TCSP work by the legal profession; the final report to be published at the end of the year. He is a professional member of both the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners and the International Compliance Association.

    Lucy Durie, Senior Solicitor, Law Society of Scotland
  • 15:05 - 15:15

    Conference break
  • 15:15 - 16:00

    Consolidation and discussion session

    • Reflective workshop to discuss ideas from the day and new discoveries
    • What could we implement and what would be the next steps to implement changes?
    • Discuss tricky scenarios with peers and end the day sharing your experience with colleagues from across the country



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