Becoming more resilient

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This module aims is designed to help you question how to make more resilient choices and overcome challenges more easily.

Having good resilience can help us perform better under pressure, deal with issues constructively and help us maintain positive mental health. 

By following this module, you will learn about:

  • how a 'growth mindset' can be a powerful attribute as an employee and a leader; 
  • the link between failure, learning critical lessons and getting results;
  • the power of positive language and asking the right questions. 

During the module, you are encouraged to self-reflect on your own resilience and how you could grow it. As the mind is flexible, there are ways we can all change our thought processes, reactions and behaviours to be more resilient.


This online module has been made freely available by Lawscot Wellbeing and the Law Society of Scotland CPD team.

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