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Career changers event

Date: 22nd October 2020

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Bluejeans Video Conferencing Platform

It's never too late to change your career and become a solicitor. Come along to our virtual information event to find out what's involved in the route to qualification, how we can support you and hear from people who have made the leap themselves. Four people gathered round a table and chatting

Who can attend?

This event is open to anyone who is interested in making the change to studying law!

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To book your place or find out more, contact Lyndsey Thomson at

Why attend?

We're hosting an information evening to explain what steps you will need to take and considerations you will need to make if you're interested in studying law and becoming a solicitor. We know that a career change can be a huge decision, so we invite you to understand exactly what's involved in the process: how long it'll take, the courses you need to study and what else you need to do to set your career up as successfully as possible.

Our panelists on the evening include

  • Allan Steele, Solicitor, ARMS Legal Services WS
  • Hannah Darnell, Solicitor, Brodies
  • Nikita Young, Paralegal, Carpenters Group, and
  • Jonathan Tait, Solicitor, BTO


An outside view of the Atria One building in Edinburgh

Qualifying as a Scottish solicitor

Find out the routes to qualify as a Scottish solicitor; including studying the LLB and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, alternatives to university and how to requalify from other jurisdictions.

  • We will do a short presentation on what's involved in the path to qualifying at a solicitor, from the LLB to the traineeship. We will covering training requirements, regulatory matters, financial considerations and career building opportunities for each stage of the journey.

  • It's always most helpful to hear directly from people who've had the experience themselves. We will invite a speaker, or several speakers along to talk about their career change and what hints and tips they can offer to you.

  • Do you have specific questions for us? We invite you to stick around for a while and explain your specific set of circumstances, so we can advise on the key considerations that you might have to make. You can also chat to our speakers and other prospective career changers thinking about making the transition with you.


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This is a free event:

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