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Date: 26th June 2018

Time: 09:30 - 12:30

Law Society of Scotland
Atria One
144 Morrison Street

Presenting is fundamentally about interacting with other people, so face-to-face training is the only way to truly test and develop your skills. Join our partners, Sandstone Communications, on our first 'Commercial Skills for Young Professionals' course.

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This events can be recorded as 3 verifiable hours of CPD


Who should come?

Any young professional in any sector who is looking to develop their presenting skills. Everything you will learn is highly practical and transferable to careers outside the law.


Why is presenting important?

Presenting is often overlooked as a generic term but having good presentation skills means being able to build relationships, pitch your business and respond to your clients more effectively. All of these skills are crucial, practical elements of commercial awareness.

We know that succeeding in any profession requires much more than technical skills. 'Commercial awareness' is often identified as being something to strive towards. The crux of being commercially aware is understanding key areas like how to mitigate risk, facilitate growth and stand out in the marketplace. Whilst some aspects of commercial awareness are more experience-based and rely on sector-specific knowledge, others are highly practical skills that you can develop yourself.


Why attend?

Presenting is fundamentally about interacting with other people, so face-to-face training is the only way to truly test and develop your skills.

Our partners, Sandstone Communications, have a wealth of experience in delivering high-impact training. They're not interested in talking theory, they're in the business of skills acquisition.

This will be a course that focuses on far more than PowerPoint presentations. During this course you'll learn how to deliver messages with impact at every touch point with clients and colleagues, from simply sending an email to pitching in a boardroom.

Ask yourself: How effectively am I presenting myself right now?

How you'll learn

The training will be delivered in a workshop format, which means group work and roleplay. People can hear 'roleplay' and squirm, but we just mean dealing with real-life scenarios. You will be asked to break down briefs and draft and deliver presentations on different topics.

We want to make sure you come away from training with more refined practical skills than when you arrived. This means that you'll be predominantly 'doing' rather than 'listening'. The best way to learn is through practice.

Try before you buy!

Watch our video of top tips with Sandstone Communications' Tim Bradshaw to get a flavour of what to expect from training on the day and helpful guidance about how to improve your skills now.

Watch 'Presentation skills with Sandstone Communications' on Vimeo

More about our commercial skills for young professionals series

This event is the first in a series we're developing for junior members of the legal profession. Our goal is to make our future leaders business people who practise law.

Other examples are networking, business development and negotation, which are all future topics in this 'Commercial skills for young professionals' series.

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