Essential Business Development Skills

Date: 10th May 2021 - 21st June 2021

Time: 17:30 - 18:30

Online via Zoom

CPD Hours: 6hours

In this 6 x 1 hour Business Development training we aim to deliver transformational skills and behaviours that will help you grow your business through increasing client numbers, improve customer service and develop outstanding teams.

Following a difficult 2020, it's time to get ahead in 2021 with our newest course launch - Essential Business Development Skills.

In partnership with Kissing with Confidence we aim to deliver transformational skills and behaviours that can help you grow your business or law firm. This unique programme will help you increase your client numbers, win you pitches and develop outstanding teams.

Learn to:

  • Retain and win more business
  • Put client relationships front and centre
  • Make time for Business Development and be systematic in approach
  • Flex your style to suit your prospect
  • Create a compelling value proposition
  • Advance at every Business Development meeting


Dates - 6 x 1 hour sessions:

  1. Monday 10 May, 5:30-6:30PM
  2. Monday 17 May, 5:30-6:30PM
  3. Monday 24 May, 5:30-6:30PM
  4. Monday 7 June, 5:30-6:30PM
  5. Monday 14 June, 5:30-6:30PM
  6. Monday 21 June, 5:30-6:30PM
  • Reflect on your attitude and approach to business development
  • Know how to flex your style in business development situations
  • Build rapport by engaging in dynamic small talk, being fully present and genuinely curious
  • Take assertive action, pick up the phone
  • Have a range of ways to get and keep in touch
  • Understand how to connect ‘bespoke benefits’ to ‘relevant features’
  • Have strategies to overcome objections and ask for what you want
  • Be memorable using the emotional connection - five ways to unleash your creative imagination
  • Compel your prospect in 30 seconds, three minutes or 30 minutes

Kissing With Confidence deliver transformational skills and behaviours that grow your business.

Based in Glasgow, Kissing With Confidence delivers bespoke business development training to professional service companies in the UK and overseas, including its unique Rainmaker programmes which coach people how to pitch and sell. The business, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, is led by CEO Russell Wardrop and Managing Director, Sharon McLellan.

Kissing with Confidence delivers programmes throughout the UK, Europe and United Arab Emirates delivering on behalf of blue-chip organisations including Deloitte, the City of London Corporation, Aberdeen Standard Investments, Jacobs, Mace, Irwin Mitchell, Burness Paul and Kings College London.

Kissing With Confidence Trainers

Michael has a long-standing love of learning and development and a passion for law. With 17 years as a litigator (seven as a partner in private practice) and a decade at Kissing With Confidence he is at the leading edge of business development for lawyers.

He has delivered business development to lawyers all over the UK and internationally to the highest levels, from one-to-one to one to many. He is also key to the continuous development of our programmes.   

Michael knows exactly how you get the most out of a tired and demanding group of partners on a long afternoon.

He has astonishing energy in front of a group, so believes in relaxing as often as is feasible. This includes motorbikes, kit cars, model airplanes, running, canoeing and drinking sauvignon blanc. All done every weekend, with his wife and kids, in a small village in north-west Scotland.

Nicky is an experienced learning and development professional who joined Kissing With Confidence in April 2012, after a decade spent in the legal sector in the City of London.

With a degree in modern languages from the University of Edinburgh, she started her career in learning and development fifteen years ago, honing her skills with Scottish Equitable, Kingsley Napley, and then moving to the legal sector joining Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP, where as Head of Learning & Development she led a team focused on designing and delivering strategic change and leadership development programmes.

In her most recent role she spent a significant amount of time dealing with development of new and aspiring partners through both development programmes and one-to-one coaching. She has worked with hundreds of lawyers and partners, helping them navigate the choppy waters of career transition and enhance the key management and leadership skills required as they progress.

As a coach and trainer this interest around helping people define “What next?” and “How do I get there?” is conducted with a weather eye to a hard-edged, outcome-focussed approach, whilst building relationships and trust quickly along the way.

Nicky delivers training and development in areas such as influencing, impact and business development. She works with people at all levels of the organisation in both the design and delivery of training, enjoying the “rough and tumble” of the training room and the challenging questions people throw at her.

Her style is anything but “teacherly”; Nicky’s training sessions are energetic and fun, but with a hard edge to them. She is interested in skills transfer and people’s commitment to taking new skills forward, but also in the concept of “unlearning” i.e. encouraging delegates to reflect on current ways of working, what’s going well (or not) and what they could best be replaced with.

Accredited in a number of psychometric tools, including MBTI and Hogan Personality Inventory, she understands how best to align the needs of the organisation as well as the individual to any work undertaken, and is a passionate advocate of coaching as a way of getting the best from people.

In her spare time Nicky is occupied with walking her dogs, the latest film releases, studying for a degree in psychology and keeping her French up to date.

Russell Wardrop is Founder and Chief Executive of award-winning Kissing With Confidence, a specialist communication skills training company. He is the creative driving force behind the ethos of the business, inspiring behaviour change through dynamic learning events.

An internationally experienced keynote speaker, trainer, coach and facilitator, he works at the highest levels of government, academia and commerce with high performing individuals and teams to make them passionate, charismatic and unforgettable communicators. Recently, Russell has delivered executive training, coaching and conference keynotes from Aberdeen to Exeter in the UK, and Barcelona, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Dubai, Lisbon, Prague, and Zurich.

A Chartered Architect who studied at Strathclyde University, Russell moved on from this profession to academia, where he held both lecturing and management positions, delivering academic papers in the areas of design quality, graduate employability and communication. He also pursued his passion for public speaking and debating, winning the JCI Scotland debating competition no less than six times.

Russell’s creative architectural training, his passion for communication, and more than 25 years experience of lecturing, training and academic course development, combine to create a unique blend of skills and experience which underpin the design and delivery of all Kissing With Confidence services. Over a decade ago Russell created the concept that has grown into our premium Rainmaker Programme. After the financial crash he knew businesses would soon crave business development skills and so it has proved. Kissing With Confidence has since established a dynamic, outcome-focused learning journey that gives both qualitative and quantitative results i.e. the return on investment so critically important to our clients.

Russell likes nothing more than three flip charts, a pen and an audience, and has delivered Rainmaker across Europe to a wide range of businesses. His half day “Make The Rain” keynote is both a hilarious and deadly serious journey, elucidating the route for winning business from the cocktail bar to the boardroom.

If you are fortunate enough to have him in the room for the three-day boot camp that kicks off Rainmaker, know it is not for the faint hearted. Russell believes that sales solve everything ... and the journey starts with tough love in the training room.

His training and coaching style is skills-based, outcome focussed, motivational and inspirational, His specialist coaching areas include: coaching high-performing individuals in a range of business development and leadership communication skills; pitch team coaching i.e. working with small teams on high-value pitch presentations; coaching senior individuals for delivery of keynotes and big audience presentations.

As an international conference speaker, the larger the audience, the more Russell loves it. Plenaries are his thing….and communication is his topic. Russell inspires and motivates all who hear him. Whether listening to what he has to say about oral communication in the Internet Age, or to his unforgettable Immortal Memory to Robert Burns, we guarantee you will be educated and entertained.

  • Attitude Is Everything - Think Like Andy

    Nobody ever got up in the morning for an achievable goal, but then resilience means knowing when to quit. Andy Murray got to world number one against all the odds and any elite coach will tell you attitude is the foundation of success. This is where we start, it’s the cornerstone of all that follows.

    • Optimists outsell pessimists- why you need to re-chip your thinking

    • Embrace rejection - Why “NO” is the second-best answer to “YES”

    • Learning to balance the “hard sell” and “never sell”

    • How to stop catastrophising- believe in you

    • Action planning

  • Module Two: Be A Chameleon - Flex Your Style

    How you communicate with others determines the effectiveness of your life. Everyone is different and has their own story to tell. Rainmakers intuitively adapt to others, letting them shine by first knowing themselves then balancing: talking and listening; facts and storytelling; empathy and assertiveness.

    • Know your social style and find your own authentic persona

    • Develop an approach to the four social styles: driving, analytic, amiable and expressive

    • Use that approach to adapt your language with prospects

    • Action planning

  • Module Three: Proceed Until Apprehended - The essentials Of Follow Up

    The global snow dome has been shaken and nobody knows the rules anymore, so anything goes. Effective follow up is as important to Rainmakers as an assiduous training regime is to an athlete. It involves two things: effective use of time and systems and getting front of mind.

    • 75 ways to keep in touch in the new virtual world- find your favourites

    • Practical tips and strategies for making time and prioritising business development

    • How to be organised and systematic in your approach

    • Action planning

  • Module Four: Instant Rapport - Be Confident, Curious… and Charming

    There are awesome opportunities to connect in the new world… if you are brave enough. There is a clean slate upon which you can write your story. Risk it for a biscuit and be an amplified version of you, unless you are one of the few who need to tone it down a bit.

    • Display your personality with appropriate self-disclosure

    • Develop memorable small talk and effortlessly shift from small talk to business talk

    • You have five seconds- be impactful from the outset

    • Four strategies for elegantly handing objections: agree, ignore, challenge, explore

    • Action planning

  • Module Five: Getting To Trust - How To Suspend Self-Interest

    Trust is the holy grail; if I like you I will listen to you, if I trust you I will do business with you. Trust is about eschewing your self interest until you have established your credibility, reliability and intimacy. The best way to advance is to have your prospect suggest the way forward; it works like magic.

    • The Maister Trust equation: where do you need a top up?

    • The four stages of the chemistry meeting

    • How to get your prospect to say yes

    • Be creative- fifty possible outcomes of the BD meeting

    • Action planning

  • Module Six: Your Value Proposition - You have 30 seconds

    Thirty times a week you have 30 seconds to be compelling and unforgettable, in fact it’s often 10 seconds. Your value proposition must be good to go in 30 seconds, three minutes and 30 minutes if you want to effectively make the rain, because everyone has 695 television channels and most now have a puppy. Don’t be wallpaper.

    • 30-3-30- how to be brilliant, from the zoom intro to the 30 minute webinar

    • Make it about them - The essentials of Bespoke Benefits and Relevant Features

    • Six compelling ways to pitch, from Factual to Shocking

    • Action planning


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