Introduction to Digital Evidence for Criminal Lawyers (Free Recorded Webinar)

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CPD Hours: 1hour

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Manager, The Cyber Academy, Edinburgh Napier University and Expert Witness & Director, Strathclyde Forensics Ltd
Why attend?

Digital Evidence is now a permanent feature in our courtrooms, and criminal cases are no exception.

The advent of digital devices of all forms create an ever widening digital footprint for each one of us, and we are more than ever subject to the electronic traces we have created or other people have created on our behalf.

Movies and TV often portray the discovery of digital evidence in unrealistic terms. Computers cannot be examined in 30 seconds and you cannot hack the CIA servers with a couple of keystrokes. In the same way you cannot simply extract enough evidence for conviction by analysing mobile phones in just a few seconds.
Digital investigations take time: you first need to recover data from all suspect devices and other sources. Then you need to filter them, create a timeline, and make sense of everything before putting them on a report.

Digital Evidence takes many forms and shapes, and is sometimes found in places many people would not even consider. From stalking and murder, from indecent images of children to terrorism, from cyber bullying to fraud and industrial espionage: digital evidence is the common denominator.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how digital evidence is used in criminal cases
  • Gain insights into how digital evidence can make or break a case, including how lawyers can use it to help their case
  • Hear suggestions as to how thinking outside the box (ie presenting a proof of concept) can assist with overturning charges


This is a free event