Wellbeing roundtable for men

Date: 16th February 2022

Time: 12:30 - 13:30


We're running this free, online event to hear from men in the legal profession about mental health. This is an opportunity to discuss the challenges men face, the stigma around mental health and, most importantly, make progress by having a conversation.

Why attend?

We're hosting this free, online event to hear from men in the legal profession, as an open forum to understand how your experiences during your working life have impacted your wellbeing.

We know mental health affects men just as much as everyone else, yet men are often reluctant to discuss their mental health and are less likely to participate in wellbeing surveys, even if anonymised. 

Yet, perhaps more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic, mental health and wellbeing have been discussed widely and we want to take this opportunity to hear from men in the legal profession to try and address some issues and tackle stigma around mental health and wellbeing.

What will we discuss?

There is no set agenda for the meeting, as we know everyone has a different story and we hope you will bring different points of view. The types of questions we might broach during the session include:

  • Do you feel there is stigma around men suffering from poor mental health?
  • Would you feel comfortable telling your line manager if your workload becomes unmanageable and you need help? 
  • What are your thoughts about mental health and wellbeing in the legal profession generally?
  • Why do you feel men are reluctant to talk about mental health and wellbeing and how can we change this? 

Any discussions from the session will be kept completely anonymous.

The session will be hosted by Darren Kerr, Careers and Wellbeing Manager at the Law Society of Scotland.

Who can attend?

This session is open to any male either in or connected to the Scottish legal profession. 

How do I sign up?

To attend, please email Darren Kerr, Careers and Wellbeing Manager at the Law Society, at darrenkerr@lawscot.org.uk. Your place will be confirmed and you will be sent the joining instructions ahead of the session.

Please also feel free to get in touch with Darren to ask any questions you may have about the session.

Please note that spaces on the roundtable will be capped and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If there is a high demand, we will organise a second session.

Lawscot Wellbeing - where are all the men?

Recently, I put out a call asking for men to get involved with our International Men’s Day campaign. Sticking with the narrative that men don’t like discussing their mental health, I was disappointed only two guys came forward.


This is a free event

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