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Further measure promised as Coronavirus Bill passes

Further subjects may be added to Holyrood bill on jury trials

Jury trial provisions to drop from Coronavirus Bill

Minister announces concession as Holyrood proceedings open

Pressure on Government to drop jury suspension

MSPs and lawyers condemn no-jury power in Coronavirus Bill

No-jury solemn trials will help clear COVID-19 backlog

Emergency Scottish bill deals with effects of lockdown

Inverness Justice Centre opened amid lockdown

Purpose-built premises will bring services together

SLAB extends interim payment system during COVID-19

Advice and assistance/ABWOR, fixed payments and summary claims accepted

Remote Courts Worldwide set up to support new services

Global initiative to help public court services cope with coronavirus

Coronavirus restriction regulations come into force

Police can penalise failure to observe curbs on movement

Further measures will support legal aid work: minister

Ash Denham confirms legislation and regulations in preparation

Scottish criminal appeal business now postponed

Cases will not be heard until after 17 April, unless by written submissions

Society takes stand on Dean's attendance ruling

Solicitor's obligation to attend remains despite new concession to counsel

Courts set out emergency business arrangements

Almost all remaining sheriff court business transferred to 10 courts