In the latest in our series looking at groups who offer advice, run events tailored to new lawyers and support those at the early stages of a career in law, we spoke to Callum Murray of the Young Mediators Group to find out what they have on offer.

Callum is a director and mediator at Murray & Duncan Ltd, who provide mediation mainly to Startup's, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Young Mediators Group

What's your role within your organisation and how did you initially join?

Callum: I’m Co-Chair of the group, I joined in 2013 by sending an email to I went along to a seminar and got involved from there.

What has been the most beneficial aspect of being a part of your organisation?

Callum: Mediation is to an extent an unknown for many young solicitors given the cost to train and the limited number of mediations in comparison with tribunals, arbitrations or court hearings. Our events allow you to see what’s involved and ask questions of experienced practitioners in an informal setting.

What has been your favourite event so far and why?

Callum: Our last event was held at Edinburgh University for diploma year students which compared mediation with arbitration, we had a workplace mediation role play and some engaging discussions with the speakers. Always better than just another power point.

How do you support new lawyers in the early stages of their career?

Callum: We provide a specific focus on mediation and its relevance within workplace, civil and commercial contexts. Mediation is usually an elective during formal training so we provide information, role plays and opportunities to network with those involved in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

What would be your advice for new lawyers looking to improve their network?

Callum: There are lots of different organisations and networks across the country, all of whom are very open to new members and often collaborate with one another. Putting some work in early on and attending events after a long day in the office will certainly pay off in the long run. If you're pushed for time you can always keep up to date via LinkedIn and Twitter.

What’s next for the organisation?

Callum: We have around 200 members at the moment which are spread across the country, we’re looking at our calendar for next year and plan to build upon our various events and collaborations which have been a success. We’ll be welcoming newly qualified solicitors,  increasing awareness of mediation and supporting young solicitors who are keen to gain experience in mediation.

How can new lawyers find out about your upcoming events?

Callum: We send out a monthly update - sign up can completed via or alternatively on our website.