If you’re a final year LLB student and an aspiring solicitor, the next stage of the qualification process is the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. You’ll be aware that you’ll need to apply soon, so make sure you know what your options are ahead of time.

There are currently six Scottish universities that offer the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. Whilst the Diploma is a qualification that everyone must take before starting the traineeship, the courses that institutions offer aren’t all the same. That’s why we launch the Virtual Diploma Fair every year; it’s a place where you can compare all the current providers on a like for like basis and find out more information.

Here are some of the key things you can find out:

What subjects can I study?

Around half of the modules studied on the Diploma cover compulsory subject matter, meaning half is for you to choose yourself. This is an opportunity for you to start shaping your own areas of expertise and skill, showing future employers what you’re proactively interested in, or allowing you to find out more about where your strengths lie. Don’t assume that all Diploma providers offer the same module options; the reality is they can vary quite significantly. You need to ensure the provider you’re applying to offers the courses you want to study.

Making the most of open days

In terms of getting a feel for the university, there is arguably no substitute for attending open days in person. This is the best way to connect with the faculty, get to know a new city and meet other Diploma students past and future.

Visiting six locations across the country is time consuming and costly. We suggest using the Virtual Diploma Fair to compare your options to come up with a shortlist, to choose which institutions you would like to find out more about in person. There’s information about all the open days on each university’s page in the Fair. 

University funding arrangements

Each Diploma provider charges a different fee for its Diploma course. There’s the actual course fee, in addition to extras at some institutions such as books and materials. Make sure you know what’s included and importantly, when you need to pay your fees. Different repayment structures are available at most universities. Get your personal finances in order by finding out how and when you can fund your studies.

Make sure you’re informed about which options will be best for you personally. Each of our 612 students commencing the 2017 Diploma course is different – you are too.

Visit our Virtual Diploma Fair now.

Applications for the Diploma are open from Monday 23 February up until 13 April 2018.

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Virtual Diploma Fair

Before applying for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, it's essential for you to be as informed as possible about your options. That's why we run the Virtual Diploma Fair every year.