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Mentoring for success

05 September 2013 | tagged News release

A new legal careers mentoring scheme has been launched, and is currently looking for people to take part.

The new scheme, launched as part of the Law Society of Scotland's professional support for solicitors, aims to match mentors and mentees and allow them to develop a working relationship which suits them.

Heather McKendrick, development officer in education and training at the Law Society of Scotland, said: "If you have ever wanted to give something back to your profession and have some time to offer - a couple of hours a month - then mentoring could be an ideal way of doing that.

"Many people say to me they wish they had a mentor early in their careers, someone more experienced in their career who could give them a manager's view of things. It's often more beneficial to have someone who works in a different firm or organisation where the culture might be quite different from your own organisation's culture. It is a good way of gaining another perspective on issues and challenges which arise in every day working life."

Elaine MacGlone, solicitor in the professional support team, added: "Mentoring suits people who would like to have some input into their profession on a one-to-one basis and which is not a huge drain ontheir time - a minimum of one hour a month is all that is needed. The meetings can take place over a coffee outwith the workplace and are relaxed and informal, and there can be a lot gained on both sides."

The Society's mentoring scheme will initially run as a pilot for LLB and Diploma students, trainees and solicitors and is aimed at matching people within the legal profession.

Mentors will be given training in October/November by the Law Society of Scotland and mentoring may count towards continuing professional development. Onoing support will be offered to help mentors offer careers information and appropriate guidance.

A video has been produced featuring interviews with mentors, mentees and people who have been both, describing their experiences and what they got out of mentoring.

Anyone interested in being a mentor or being mentored can find out more information here. Or contact

Mentors are asked to complete and submit an application form to this email address by 5pm on 13 September. If you wish to be mentored there is a separate application form available in our mentoring section. The closing date is 5pm on 4 October.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Please contact Suzy Powell on 0131 476 8115.


05 September 2013

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