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Law Society raises questions on practicalities of licensing scheme for air weapons

15 May 2014 | tagged News release

Commenting on the introduction of the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill today, Thursday, 15 May, Archie MacIver, Convener of the Law Society of Scotland's Licensing Law Sub-Committee, said:

"The Law Society of Scotland broadly agrees with the measures proposed in the Bill, but we have questioned whether they will have the desired effect of properly regulating the use of air weapons in Scotland.

"We believe that, on the basis that a single air weapon certificate should cover all such weapons held by an individual, there should be a narration of weapons held by an individual otherwise the police will not know how many are in circulation. Unlike air weapons, shotguns have serial numbers and are therefore traceable.

"We also think that there should be an incentive scheme to register or pass on unwanted air weapons to the police to remove them from circulation and avoid the potential for a surge in sales of air weapons before the licensing scheme comes into operation, with the result that many of these weapons may end up in the wrong hands."

On the licensing of scrap metal merchants, Mr MacIver said: "We agree there should be tighter licensing of scrap metal dealers and would welcome any initiative that would prevent metal theft.

"We also welcome the introduction of timescales with regards to alcohol licensing applications as these are currently open-ended. This will provide greater clarity for the licensed trade over the consideration of applications and the timescale for granting an application."


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