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Members login / Find a solicitor - fix

01 May 2014 | tagged Current issues

The following instructions are important for viewing the Find a solicitor page and for accessing the member login section of the Society's website.

When using Internet Explorer, if you have your browser settings set to use compatibility mode for, then some pages on the site will not display properly. To fix the problem:

  1. Click on the 'Tools' option on you main toolbar (if you cannot see the toolbar, right click near the top of your page and click Menu Bar)
  2. Click on 'Compatibility View Settings'
  3. Next click on the Society's website address that should be in the list of websites you've added to compatibility view
  4. Click 'Remove', then close

The website should now display properly. You should now be able to access the members login. (You will only have to complete this process once)

To retrieve your password

 If you have your member Username, you can retrieve your password through the 'Forgot my password' option. This will send you an automatically generated email, which will allow you to choose a new password and login immediately.

If you are having any further difficulties logging in, please email us at

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