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84% of Scots solicitors calling lawyer helpline suffer stress

08 January 2015 | tagged News release

84% of Scottish solicitors calling LawCare in 2014 have reported stress according to the latest figures from the helpline.

LawCare, the free and confidential support service for members of the legal profession, received more calls in 2014 than in each of the previous 3 years.

Trish McLellan, LawCare Coordinator for Scotland and Northern Ireland, said: “The majority of our calls are stress related. Sometimes it’s the struggles of maintaining a work/life balance, sometimes its other issues, like financial problems, that in turn cause stress.

“Most people call the LawCare helpline between two and three times about the same issue and not all calls are about major problems. Sometimes people call because they need advice on how to tackle a smaller concern before it gets any bigger.

When asked about the best advice they could give, McLellan added: “Almost everyone that calls wishes they had called sooner. There’s a lot more that can be done at an early stage to prevent issues getting out of hand. LawCare is a completely free and entirely confidential service, there’s no harm in giving us a call.

“Some people find it easier to ask for help than others. Lawyers are often so busy helping other people with their problems that they don’t always take time to deal with issues before they become stressful situations.

“We are bombarded with information about looking after your physical health, but mental health is just as important. If you’re fortunate enough to go through your career without any significant issues you’ll undoubtedly come across some who isn’t that lucky. Look out for others and let them know that services like LawCare are out there. A more supportive environment is a better working environment for everyone.”

Neil Stevenson, Director of Representation & Support at the Law Society of Scotland, said: “We are really proud to support LawCare; it is a great service providing valuable pastoral care and advice for the legal profession.

“Working as a solicitor often involves helping other people but it’s important for them to remember to take some time to deal with anything that could cause stress further down the line.”

For confidential help and advice, call one of LawCare's Freephone helplines, visit the website or log in to the LawCare Wellbeing Portal.

ENDS                                                                          8 January 2015

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