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Risk management training from Marsh

01 June 2015 | tagged Current issues | Scam alerts

Criminals are using increasingly sophisticated means to target law firms. Attracted by the financial transactions solicitors conduct on their clients’ behalf, coupled with a wealth of sensitive data held by them, criminals see law firms as a potentially lucrative source of revenue.

Fraudsters intercepting emails and stealing clients’ funds has been the subject of recent media coverage, and the latest Risk Alert from Marsh, but this is only one type of fraud or scam that has affected solicitors around the UK in the last 12 months.

Risk Alerts issued by the Society and by Marsh stress that awareness is critical to minimising the risk of solicitors falling victim to these frauds and scams.

Marsh has created a training module focusing on frauds and scams, which includes examples and case studies and an assessment to test and provide evidence of knowledge and understanding.

How to access the training

This training module and assessment (1 hour CPD), which are free of charge, are accessible on the Marsh website for Scottish solicitors along with other training, including a module on the related topic of Information Security.

If you need any assistance accessing the website (you will need a username and password), you should contact Nada Jardaneh at Marsh ( 0131 311 4278

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