No-one with the ability, drive and desire to be a Scottish solicitor should be prevented from doing so. One of the factors that can present a barrier is a perception that a career in law is only for the privileged few. That is not the case and we welcome and encourage anyone to pursue this path. 

This campaign features a number of our colleagues from diverse backgrounds and experiences, sharing their unique journey to becoming a solicitor and why they chose that career path. As a lack of identifiable role models can discourage young people in their career choices, we are engaging with schools in providing posters featuring all our participants. 

We are delighted that these colleagues have chosen to participate. Each brings their experiences and backgrounds to enhancing and making a success of their professional roles.

We'll be launching one participant's poster and story each day over the coming week.

And if you have an interesting story to tell that could inspire future generations of solicitors, please get in touch with the team at We’re always keen to hear from our members about their experiences and path into the legal profession.

Joe Boyd

One Profession, Many Journeys

Joe Boyd, Solicitor and owner of Joseph G Boyd & Co Court Lawyers

Marika Franceschi

One Profession, Many Journeys

Marika Franceschi, Partner at MacRoberts LLP

Paman Singh

One Profession, Many Journeys

Paman Singh, Senior Litigation Solicitor, Law at Work


Ryan McCuaig

One Profession, Many Journeys

Ryan McCuaig, Trainee Solicitor at Thorntons Law LLP and Chair of the board of Who Cares? Scotland

Amanda Millar

One Profession, Many Journeys

Amanda Millar, Solicitor and President of the Law Society of Scotland